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Many people are reluctant to engage in detailed estate planning even though they understand how important it is to them and their family. Leona Beane is a lawyer that uses a personal approach to take the pain and fear out of the process. I have been practicing law in New York City for more than three decades and draw on that experience to find creative solutions for even the most difficult challenges. No one can ever be sure about the future, but I am confident that I can help you put a solid estate plan in place that ensures you’ve fulfilled your duty to protect those you love.

Advising individuals and families on a complete range of estate options

With my detailed knowledge of estate planning instruments, I can advise you on the best approach for your specific needs. I thoroughly analyze your situation and go over the estate planning tools that can meet your objectives, including:

  • Wills — A well-drafted will is the foundation of a successful estate plan. With my assistance, you will be able to execute a clear, authoritative will that reflects your wishes, preserves what you have accumulated for your heirs, and averts probate difficulties.
  • Trusts — The advantages of creating a trust are not just for the wealthy. I can show you how to transfer your property into a trust while maintaining access to your assets throughout your life. If you have special requests, we can discuss establishing a trust to financially support a person, a charitable organization, or even the care of a beloved pet. A supplemental needs trust can be utilized to provide supplemental needs for persons who may be permanently disabled, and the disabled person may then  be eligible to receive Medicaid benefits.
  • Advance directives — Comprehensive estate planning involves more than distributing property after death. You can save your family from having to make heartbreaking decisions by setting forth clear directions on the care you wish to receive in case you are severely injured or ill. Sometimes known as living wills, these documents communicate your medical preferences when you cannot. The person should definitely have a Health Care Proxy, naming an agent for Medical care decisions. A power of attorney can be prepared and executed, providing another person (the agent)  authority to provide for financial decisions while the person (called the principal) is alive. Once the principal dies, the agent no longer has any authority.
  • Philanthropic bequests — Numerous clients of mine take great satisfaction in leaving a legacy that benefits a cause they believe in. I can explain the legal aspects and tax implications of assigning assets to a charity.

I understand that each client has his or her own set of values and priorities. So, rather than using a standard framework, I take the time to craft a comprehensive estate plan that respects and honors your unique values and priorities.

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